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Rivista J-Reading
n. 2-2022

Journal of research and didactics in geography

a cura di Gino De Vecchis


In questo numero:
Cristiano Pesaresi, The importance for a (scientific and didactics) Journal to be indexed in Scopus. The recent goal achieved by J-READING
Kathrin Schulman, Marko Demantowksy, Teacher students’ beliefs about and strategies for dealing with students’ misconceptions
Thematic issue – Learning Landscapes – Edited by Benedetta Castiglioni, Marcello Tanca
Benedetta Castiglioni, Marcello Tanca, Learning Landscapes. Introduction
Benedetta Castiglioni, Theano S. Terkenli, Marcello Tanca, “Ten Versions of the Same Scene” 40 years later: Understanding and teaching the landscape concept
Sabrina Meneghello, Monica Meini, Marco Petrella, Chiara Rabbiosi, The landscape-tourism nexus as a learning object. Comparing two Italian experiences in geography higher education
Alessia De Nardi, Andrea Guaran, Landscape in classroom: a survey of the educational paths in Italian secondary school textbooks
Margherita Cisani, Davide Papotti, Cosmin Popan, The Courier, the Student, the Tourist: Three Perspectives on Cycling Landscapes
Dino Gavinelli, Marco Maggioli, Marcello Tanca, The pandemic landscape. Experiences from the Italian fiction
Valentina E. Albanese, Landscape and conflict in the age of digital surveillance. Participatory Walking through the surveilled cities
Thematic issue – Topics on Geography of Transport and Logistics – Edited by Giuseppe Borruso, Marco Mazzarino, Marcello Tadini
Giuseppe Borruso, Marco Mazzarino, Marcello Tadini, Topics on Geography of Transport and Logistics. Introduction
Brunella Brundu, Michele Acciaro, Globalization 2.0: Rethinking global trade in light of sustainability imperatives
Giuseppe Borruso, Port-City relationship in the era of hybridization. A development model
Marcello Tadini, The geography of container ports in Italy: the evolving role of gateway and transhipment functions
Marco Mazzarino, Roberto Mura, Paolo Menegazzo, Athanosios G. Giannopoulos, Ports and hinterland connections: what do we really know? An empirical analysis in South-Eastern Europe
Luigi Scrofani, Massimo Leone, The re-organization of the supply chain in inner areas to produce biofuel for the transport system. Insights from a Sicilian case study (Italy)
Andrea Gallo, Geographical aspects of the logistic carbon footprint: estimating the environmental impact of freight transport
Silvia Battino, Maria del Mar Muñoz Leonisio, Port Authorities and smartness: the training policies of Spain’s smart ports
The language of images (Edited by Elisa Bignante and Marco Maggioli)
School AGeI Cesarea Terme collective “Where does this image take you?” A visual tale from a workshop on geographical imaginations
Mapping societies (Edited by Laura Lo Presti and Matteo Marconi)
Giuseppe Tomasella, Navigating Venice’s Literary Nightscapes through Post-Representational Mapmaking

Anno: 2023
Pagine: 228
Formato: 20.5 x 28.5 cm
Peso Kg: 0.410
Colore: Con illustrazioni
Copertina: Morbida
Legatura: Brossura
Lingua: Inglese
ISBN cartaceo: 9788833655598

Rivista J-Reading
n. 2-2022
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