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The “numbers” of Molise mountain municipalities (Italy)

New data, old problems, development opportunities
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This research focusses attention on the social-demographic, agricultural and tourist aspects of 29 mountain municipalities of the Molise Region, in order to provide new elements and details in a distributive and diachronic analysis and underline the link between new data and old problems which require collective actions to reach common purposes and to enhance the local resources according to the different vocations.
After the examination of numerous statistical data which are also represented through GIS elaborations, quality of products and processes, multi-functional and inter-sectorial relationships, fast and slow scenarios, new or renewed forms of tourism accommodation, internet and tourist social technologies, social agriculture and neo-agrarianism, slow and creative tourism, the high environmental quality, enriched by historical and cultural heritage, become some of the keywords around which the geographical analysis is conducted.
The present study seeks both to provide useful input for a meticulous and weighted planning, according to a resource-based approach, and to define a reference framework for people who are no longer live in Molise Region and Italy, but who are still emotionally attached to their native lands and keep alive the memories for their origins or for the origins of their parents.

Cristiano Pesaresi is researcher in Geography and teaches “Thematic Cartography and Geotechnologies” and “GIS Applications for Geographical Analysis” at Sapienza University of Rome, where he is one of the two Scientific Responsible for the “Geocartographic Laboratory”.
He is Associate Editor of the “Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography” (J-READING) and Chief of the Editorial Board of the “Semestrale di Studi e Ricerche di Geografia”.
In 2011, he was awarded the Italian Geographic Society prize, with reference to the political and economic geography studies about South Italy. He is in charge of GIS for the Italian Association of Geography Teachers (AIIG) and is the Director of the Social Office.

Anno: 2014
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ISBN cartaceo: 9788868123802
ISBN digitale: 9788868124076

The “numbers” of Molise mountain municipalities (Italy)
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