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Physical Activity and Health: Bridging Theory and Practice
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Physical activity has a primary role in the prevention of chronic diseases (and their consequences) associated with the aging process. Consequently, several countries, including Italy, adopted specific strategies to promote active as opposed to sedentary life styles among their citizens. This volume is organized in three sections. The first provides evidence on the efficacy of physical activity in some relevant conditions with high prevalence in advanced age, providing a rationale for physical activity promotion at a community level. The second is focused on translational initiatives and policy issues carried out in Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and the USA. The third reports, in detail, exercise protocols which have been successfully implemented in Italy for different purposes.

Claudio Macchi, geriatrician, cardiologist, full professor, director of the Postgraduate Specialization School in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the University of Florence, and of the Department of General Rehabilitation of Careggi University Hospital and Don Gnocchi Foundation (IRCCS), Florence Italy.

Francesco Benvenuti, geriatrician, former director of community and rehabilitation services of the Local Health Authority of Empoli of Tuscany region, contributed in designing and implementing community-based exercise programs for citizens with chronic disabilities (the Adapted Physical Activity programs) in Italy.

Anno: 2021
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ISBN cartaceo: 9788833653662
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Physical Activity and Health: Bridging Theory and Practice
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