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Health Equity?

Social exclusion and psychological suffering within a housing assistance program in Rome, Italy
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This book by Silvia Iorio takes the reader on interesting journey, towards those crossroads between anthropology and psychiatry. She deals with specific phenomena regarding the mental health of a population living within low-income and assisted housing in the city of Rome, Italy. As we turn the pages of her work we begin to understand the psychiatrist’s interpretations and goals, which would be hard to ignore for a true anthropologist. There is a constant and continuous debate on numerous aspects, from various viewpoints that are constantly changing – a fundamental rule for this type of work. This allows us to overcome the limits of what we know.
Seeing that which we could not previously see and think, or that we saw and thought of differently, the act of observing takes on a new face, gaining greater security and also expanding our ability to intervene in this context.

Silvia Iorio, PhD: Medical Humanities, University of Insubria, Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences Temporary Research Fellow: Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Molecular Medicine, Unit of History of Medicine and Bioethics.

Anno: 2017
Pagine: 136
Formato: 14 x 20 cm
Peso Kg: 0.149
Colore: B/N
Copertina: Morbida
Legatura: Brossura
Lingua: Inglese
ISBN cartaceo: 9788868127978
ISBN digitale: 9788833650685

Health Equity?
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