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Development finance in challenging times

This book collects contributions from international leading experts from academia and multilateral development banks on the opportunities and challenges for development finance in a post-pandemic world. Despite multilateralism reached its low point in 2020 with increasing tensions between major global powers and deglobalisation trends, the global scale of the coronavirus outbreak made clear the intrinsically transnational nature of all the major global challenges. In this context, the authors explore three potential key areas of development policies that are likely to become increasingly crucial over the coming years: the private-sector contribution to the achievement of the SDGs; climate finance; and prospects and policies for low-income countries and fragile states.

Anno: 2021
Pagine: 112
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
Peso Kg:
Colore: Quadricromia
Copertina: Morbida
Legatura: Brossura
Lingua: Inglese
ISBN: 9788833653600

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