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The rise of nations


Nationalities, Minorities and the fall of Habsburg Empire

Autore: Alessandro Vagnini


Austria-Hungary, as a multinational empire, dominating the Danube-Balkan region at the time of national awakening, found its political and social life dominated by disputes among its several national groups. The national issue in Austria-Hungary was a consequence of the impact of new ideas that threatened the old stability in Europe. After WWI, the Paris Peace Conference attempted to reshape the map of Europe but failed in assuring a new stable political order under the principle of nationality. The Rise of Nations: Nationalities, Minorities and the fall of Habsburg Empire, represents an attempt to describe the particular political and social experience of Austria-Hungary. The attention of the authors is indeed focused on many issues related to the various national components of the Empire before, during and after the Great War, providing additional elements to the interpretation of national struggle and the fall of Austria-Hungary.

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