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The International Workshop Conference


Modern information and communication technologies in higher education

Autore: Natalia Fefelova (a cura di)


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The excellent results obtained from the realization of the two-day meeting on “Modern information and communication technologies in higher education: new education programs, with the pedagogic use of e-learning and education improvement” is, for the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, a great source of pride at international level. Although being the Rector of one of the oldest universities in Europe – the foundation of “La Sapienza” goes back to a papal bull of April 20, 1303 – I did not look for scientific legitimacy, nor attract students resorting to the tradition and to the past. On the contrary, along with my closest collaborators, the teaching and the administrative staff we have tried to move our University forward, accepting all the challenges of the third millennium to scientific research and to hight level training within the Italian education system. Our motto, after all, is: “the future passed here”. (Luigi Frati)

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