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Public Space and an Interdisciplinary Approach to Design


The crisis of contemporary public space is a question of interest to all architects.
The economic, social and cultural crisis, in particular affecting the entire European continent, is clearly and originally reflected in the public spaces of our cities, more and more of which are now considered “heritage”.
Public space and the public realm, due to their original facets, are once again a theme of interest for architects, but also for philosophers, sociologist and anthropologists (J. Habermas, D. Innerarity, Z. Bauman, M. Augé), as complex “spaces” to be decomposed.
Hence, a few questions: Does the analysis of public space and an approach to design, in a reality that considers a different concept of “public” than that of the pat century comport a new way of looking? A new urban-architectural nomenclature? An interdisciplinary approach to design?
The general situation described in this publication, in various authors from different disciplinary backgrounds, clearly expresses the tangible need to provide (or provide once again) positive responses to different questions before proceeding with the design – or analysis – of contemporary public space.

L’ADC N. 10

Lucio Valerio Barbera
The City of Public Spaces

Ettore Vadini

The Surface of Public Space. Working with the “Plane” to Design Urban Voids
Paola Veronica Dell’Aira

The Social Importance of Landscaping in Public Spaces in Latin America. Three Cases Studies in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela
Vito Fortini

Today’s Marketplace. Reengaging Society & The Power of Food
Francesca Heathcote Sapey

Key Points for a Visual Ethnography of Architectural Design and Urban Planning
Francesco Marano

Ljubljana: City and Myth
Domenico Potenza

The Street As a Living Space
Ugo Rossi

The Open Conflict Space. Survival Strategies for the Contemporary Mediterranean Town
Veronica Salomone

Heritage-Cities and Tourism. Toward a New Species of Public Space
Ettore Vadini


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