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Proceedings of the Third Cabri Geometry International Conference – Abridged Edition


The Cabri software package, with its dynamic aspects, provides a very effective way to visualize, gain intuition, and understand in a simple and meaningful way many mathematical properties. It is an extremely useful tool both in the process of teaching and learning geometry.
We have collected here over one hundred contributed papers by qualified international experts, which offer a large and articulate panorama of the numerous ways to utilize Cabri. These papers also suggest new applications to improve both the teaching and the learning of geometry.
The papers were originally delivered in talks presented during the Third Cabri International Conference held in Rome, Italy, from September 9 to 12, 2004, where 1543 registered participants came from 30 countries. The fruitful interaction of the participants, complemented by a rich collaboration of ideas and projects, stimulated the development of further applications in the course of the following years. All the papers have been revised by the authors in 2010.
This abridged edition contains only the abstract of each paper. However, the complete papers in a PDF version containing active hypertext links to Cabri Géomètre II Plus and Cabri 3D files can be found in the CD ROM included with the book. The software Géomètre II Plus and Cabri 3D are not included.

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