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Periodico di Mineralogia Vol. 81, 2 – September 2012


Andaloro E., De Francesco A.M. and Jacobsen J.K., Undulating Band Style and Fringe Style Matt-Painted Pottery from theSanctuary on the Timpone della Motta in the Sibaritide Area (CS) Calabria -southern Italy
Romengo N., Landi P. and Rotolo S.G., Evidence of basaltic magma intrusions in a trachytic magma chamber at Pantelleria (Italy)
Costamagna L.G., Cruciani G., Franceschelli M. and Puxeddu M., A volcano-sedimentary sequence with albitite layers in the Variscan basementof NE Sardinia: a petrographical and geochemical study
Cvetković Z., Logar M, Rosić A. and Ćirić A., Mineral composition of the airborne particles in the coal dust and fly ash ofthe Kolubara basin (Serbia)
John Deelman, Are bacteria capable of precipitating magnesite?
Teixeira R.J., Neiva A.M. and Gomes M.E., Chromian spinels and magnetite of serpentinites, steatitic rocks, tremoliteasbestos and chloritites from Bragança massif, northeastern Portugal
Oberti R., Cannillo E. and Toscani G., How to name amphiboles after the IMA2012 report: rules of thumb and anew PC program for monoclinic amphiboles

Anno: 2012
Pagine: 128
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
Peso Kg: 0.325
Colore: B/N
Copertina: Morbida
Legatura: Brossura
Lingua: Inglese
ISBN: 9788861348752

Periodico di Mineralogia Vol. 81, 2 – September 2012
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