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“Dig where you stand” 4

Proceedings of the fourth international conference on the History of Mathematics Education
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The Fourth International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education was hosted by Academy of Sciences and University of Turin (Italy). About 50 senior and junior researchers from 16 countries met for four days to talk about one topic: the history of mathematics education. In total 44 contributions were presented. The themes were Ideas, people and movements, Transmission of ideas, Teacher education, Geometry and textbooks, Textbooks – changes and origins, Curriculum and reform, Teaching in special institutions, and Teaching of geometry. In this volume you find 28 of the papers, all of them peer-reviewed.
Since the first international conference on the history of mathematics education, the aim has been to develop this area of research, to attract more researchers and provide new insights that stimulate further “digging”. It is therefore very pleasing that so many new young researchers joined the conference, presenting results from ongoing or recently finished PhD projects. This makes us confident about a prosperous future of this research area as we look forward to the Fifth International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education, to be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in September 2017. Previous international conferences on the history of mathematics education:
2009 in Garðabær (Iceland)
2011 in Lisbon (Portugal)
2013 in Uppsala (Sweden)

Kristín Bjarnadóttir is professor emerita at the University of Iceland. She pursued her graduate education in mathematics at the University of Oregon and in mathematics education at Roskilde University Center, Denmark. She has taught mathematics and physics at lower and upper secondary schools and mathematics education at the University of Iceland, School of Education.

Fulvia Furinghetti is emerita full professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematics (University of Genoa). Her research concerns: beliefs, images of mathematics in society, proof, problem solving, use of history of mathematics in teaching, teacher professional development, history of mathematics education.

Marta Menghini is associate professor in the Department of Mathematics of the University of Rome Sapienza. Her main research field is mathematics education and history of mathematics education, of geometry teaching in particular. She is the author of numerous published works concerning: the links between historical development, foundations, cognitive aspects and curriculum in the learning of mathematics; intuitive geometry, definitions, and the use of concrete materials.

Johan Prytz is senior lecturer in mathematics education at Uppsala University, Department of Education. His current research concerns different attempts to reform mathematics education in Sweden in the 20th century, for instance the introduction of New Math. Other research interests in mathematics education concern the use of language and texts in mathematics education. He is also doing research in history and sociology of education.

Gert Schubring is a retired member of the Institut für Didaktik der Mathematik, a research institute at Bielefeld University, and at present is visiting professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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“Dig where you stand” 4
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