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Practicing Anthropology in Development Processes


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Paolo Palmeri, Professor of Development Anthropology, Sapienza Università di Roma. He is the Director of the International Course on Applied Anthropology in Development Processes. He has conducted research in East and West Africa and Southeast Asia working for all the most important UN Agencies. His books have been published in English, French and Italian. Among his works are: Living with Diola of Mof Evvi, Senegal (2009). AIDS and Land Tenure in Africa (2006). Etiopia: L’ultimo socialismo Africano (2000).

Floriana Ciccodicola, is Aggregate Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Cassino, where she teaches social anthropology and sociology of ethnic relations. She is the director of the “Ernesto de Martino” Laboratory for Social Anthropology, Cassino University. Her major fields of interests are: history of religions and historical anthropology. She is at present working in applied anthropology and human rights.

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Practicing Anthropology in Development Processes
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