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Verso una epistemologia della mente cosciente

Autore: Gianluca Consoli


This research provides insights on the birth and development of the concept of idmar in the Arabic linguistic thought of the II/VIII-IV/X century. The idmar, translated herein as “ellipsis,” plays a central role in defining the relationship between the morphology, syntax and rhetoric within the Arabic linguistic studies. Main interrogatives that direct the research are: what is intended by “ellipsis”? What were the values that Arabic grammarians attributed to the concept of idmar? What were the theoretical and terminological changes that the concept underwent over the centuries? For the first time, in Sibawayhi’s Kitab, the term idmar was introduced within a precise and punctual theoretical classification. The Persian grammarian dedicated ample space to the argument in which he principally elaborated the verbal ellipsis. hadf, “deletion” indicates instead the suppression of a phonic element, a vowel or a consonant. Moreover, among the mustalahat used in modern grammar, the term idmar seems to vanish and the term hadf ends up identifying the operation of deleting an element from the statement. Thus, the discrepancy in the use of the term is examined, as it varies throughout its lifetime, researching the premises of such a change, if there is any at the first place. For that reason, it is essential to go through the formational phases of the Arabic linguistic tradition, not only to identify the moment in which the passage from one use of the term to another occurred, but also to verify if the distinction between the two terms hadf and idmar is actually a clear-cut. The grammarians involved in this examination are: al-Farra’, Kufan grammarian and author of the coranic comment Ma’ani al-Qur’an,Sibawayhi, the founder of the Arabic linguistics, al-Mubarrad, his transmitter to the later tradition and Ibn Ginni, who in his book al-Hasa’is baptizes the concept of ellipsis as hadf by inserting it within a stable and a coherent theoretical and terminological framework.

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