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The valley that stretches between the ancient towns of Feltre and Belluno, bordered to the north by the Dolomites and to the south by the hills of Prosecco – a famous Italian wine – constitutes a morphological, historical and environmental unit of the highest quality, The countryside is made precious by dense network of Venetian Villas and the profiles of the smaller towns that populate the hills. We have given it the name of FEBEL (FEltre and BELluno), which in the local dialect sounds like a sunny expression of optimism. The FEBEL 2030 Consultation-workshop is an initiative of the UNESCO Chair in “Sustainable urban Quality and Urban Culture” of Sapienza, which aims to stimulate the freest and most proactive debate on the characteristics, resources and prospects of FEBEL in the coming decades, within the framework of the current difficult world economic situation. Given the value of FEBEL’s environmental, historical and productive resources and the universality of its current problems, participating in the Consultation and Workshop or drawing on the results of the initiative – which will be disseminated and disseminated by the UNESCO Chair – fully achieves the institutional purpose of the UNESCO Chair: implementing the transfer of experiences, know-how, methodologies and proposals from territories and high development companies to other companies, to other territories, equally engaged in the metamorphoses of our time.

The UNESCO Chair in “Sustainable Urban Quality and Urban Culture, notably in Africa” has the scope to transfer competence, know-how and methodologies for sustainable development among the territories engaged in the impetuous current transformations, with particular care for the advancement of the most problematic countries (notably in Africa, but not only). The Chair was established in 2013 after four years of preliminary international experience. It is directed by Lucio Barbera, the chair holder; Anna Irene Del Monaco is Secretary-General; the member of the Chair Scientific Committee are Renato Masiani, deputy Rector vicar of Sapienza; Martha Kohen of the University of Florida Tsinghua University of Beijing; Theo Andrew della Durban University of Technology.

Anno: 2021
Pagine: 118
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
Peso Kg:
Colore: Quadricromia
Copertina: Morbida
Legatura: Brossura
Lingua: Inglese
ISBN: 9788833652924

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