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Sustainable development in urban transportation and cultural heritage

A look at Turkey
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In order to ensure their immediate survival, humans accept any sacrifice at the expense of their surrounding ecosystem.
Sustainability is the key to build and harmony between our development and the consumption of our planet’s limited resources. Mindful of their past mistakes, developed countries should try and lead underdeveloped areas to a sustainable growth, finding compromises, making sacrifices and not exporting their worst practices, like speculating on the desperate need for survival of others, but their best ones instead.
Such responsibility would be facilitated by a change coming from the bottom, a change in the aspirations of individuals and communities. The city, a urban ecosystem, is indeed the starting point of such changes.
By interpreting these general targets, this paper aims at practically achievable actions that individuals can carry on in the urban environment, with a basic support by local authorities, to improve the socio-economic livability of their communities, considering ecological balance, well-being and technological progress.
Turkey is a very interesting country, a growing economy and a melting pot of Western and Islamic culture. With a special look on this land, the actions that we’ve focused on concern:

  1. Sustainable mobility – introducing an approach to improve mobility in cities like Istanbul, as well as a model of sustainable mobility for the whole country.
  2. Cultural heritage, economic development and value creation – improving Turkish enormous cultural heritage through management renewal and the adoption of advanced technologies such as 3D.

These two fields, are very much interlaced when considering urban development and sustainability. One stimulates territorial identification, the other allows to reach it.
The global crisis we are witnessing today is not just a matter of ecology; it has to do with our lifestyles, the way we developed and how we manage our resources. The opportunity to re-discuss the principles of growth can be used to counter the enduring international economic crisis through the rediscovery of those values concerning the sustainable quality of life we need to aim at for our future development.

Guglielmo Corduas was born Naples (Italy) in 1987. He completes his A-Levels at the Fettes College of Edinburgh. He studies Law at the LUISS Guido Carli in Rome for two years. He graduates in “Urban studies, City Planning, Territory and Environment” at the Federico II University of Naples. Currently he is attending a Master in “Responsible Management” at the Steinbeis University of Berlin.
In 2015 he wrote an article concerning “La mobilità sostenibile, l’auto condivisa e il traffico urbano del futuro” on prof. G. Galasso´s socio-economic magazine “L´Acropoli”, n. 3. He has collaborated in the Turkish Project of the Sapienza Foundation of Rome (International Cooperation Section) writing a paper on: “Sustainable mobility and cultural heritage requalification in Turkey”, part of the “Cooperazione, Integrazione regionale e Sostenibilità per lo Sviluppo”, published by Nuova Cultura, Sapienza Foundation, in 2015. He is now working as a coordinator between the Sapienza Foundation of Rome and the Izmir University of Economics for a shared interdisciplinary academic project concerning cultural heritage preservation through management renewal and innovative technologies.
Email: corduasguglielmo@gmail.com

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Sustainable development in urban transportation and cultural heritage
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