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Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences Vol. VIII


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  • GIANCLEMENTE PAREA – “El Niño” is a tectonically driven meteorological event?
  • MARCO ROMANO, RICCARDO MANNI, UMBERTO NICOSIA – Phylogenetic analysis of cyrtocrinid crinoids and its influence on traditional classifications
  • DOMENICO RIDENTE – Heterochrony and evolution in some Toarcian ammonites. Speculations and insights
  • SIMONE FABBI, PAOLO CITTON, MARCO ROMANO, ANGELO CIPRIANI – Detrital events within pelagic deposits of the umbria-marche basin (northern apennines, italy): further evidence of early cretaceous tectonics
  • ANTONIETTA CHERCHI, RAJKA RADOIČIĆ, ROLF SCHROEDER – Farinacciella ramalhoi, n. gen., n. sp., a larger foraminifer from the Kimmeridgian-lower Tithonian of the Neo-Tethyan realm
  • FRANCESCO SCHIAVINOTTO – Neanic acceleration in Nephrolepidina from the Oligo-Miocene Mt. Torretta section (L’Aquila, central Apennines): biometric results and evolutionary, taxonomic and biostratigraphic remarks.
  • VIRGILIO FREZZA, MICHELA INGRASSIA, ELEONORA MARTORELLI, FRANCESCO L. CHIOCCI, RUGGERO MATTEUCCI, LETIZIA DI BELLA – Benthic foraminifers and siliceous sponge spicules assemblages in the Quaternary rhodolith rich sediments from Pontine Archipelago shelf
  • RUGGERO MATTEUCCI, MARIA LETIZIA PAMPALONI, GIULIA VENTURA – Ulderigo Botti’s handbook on stages and sub-stages: a poorly known inventory of the late nineteenth century
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Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences Vol. VIII
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