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J-Reading n. 1-2013



  • Gino De VecchisSome keywords of J-Reading
  • Sirpa TaniThe environments of learning environments: What could/should geography education do with these concepts?
  • Giuseppe Dematteis, Cristiano Giorda, Territorial values and geographical education
  • Adrian ManningA personal journey through the world of GIS, teaching and development of students’ core knowledge
  • Jüri Roosaare, Ülle LiiberGIS in school education in Estonia – looking for an holistic approach
  • Cristiana MartinhaGIS presence in Geography textbooks – a highway to spatial thinking development?
  • Stefania BertazzonRethinking GIS teaching to bridge the gap between technical skills and geographic knowledge 
  • Paolo CarafaTeaching and Researching with the GIS: an archaeological story
  • Pamela Cowan, Ryan Butler, Making geography mobile: using location aware technology to improve student performance in physical geography
  • Angela CarusoSpecial didactics of geography 

    The language of images

  • Jay Mistry, Commentary on Participatory Video

    Mapping societies

  • Edoardo BoriaMapping society: an ingenious but today outdated map

    Geographical notes and (practical) considerations 

  • Giuliano Bellezza, Reflections on geography, its teaching and the possible function of Geoparks

    Teachings from the past 

  • Elementary Geography: Objectives and Curriculum 

    Referred papers for remote sensing 

  • Maurizio Fea, Lisetta Giacomelli, Cristiano Pesaresi, Roberto ScandoneRemote sensing and interdisciplinary approach for studying volcano environment and activity

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