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J-Reading 1-2016


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Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions?

  • Silvia Aru, Fabio Parascandolo, Marcello Tanca, Luca Vargiu Foreword
  • Fabio Parascandolo Crisis of landscapes, landscapes of the crisis: notes for a socio-ecological approach
  • Anna Maria Colavitti The crisis of the landscape, the crisis of the norms for the landscape, the planning of the landscape between uncertainty and second thoughts. A few basic issues
  • Benedetta Castiglioni “Institutional” vs “everyday” landscape as conflicting concepts in opinions and practices. Reflections and perspectives from a case study in Northeastern Italy
  • Paolo D’Angelo Agriculture and landscape. From cultivated fields to the wilderness, and back
  • Silvia Aru The smart city: urban landscapes in the current crisis
  • Federica Pau Sardinian rebirth landscapes. An aesthetician’s outlook
  • Marcello Tanca Cagliari’s urban landscape: a commons?
  • Serge Latouche Degrowth as a territorial-landscape project

ISBN cartaceo: 9788868126964
Numero pagine: 126
Colore: Quadricromia
Data di pubblicazione: 31 Ottobre 2016

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