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Global governance at a turning point

This book collects contributions from international leading experts on how the Italian Presidency of the G20 in 2021 could advance a renewed global governance agenda. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every nation in the world, highlighting how globally interconnected we are. To mitigate the health, social and economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis, the world needs effective global responses. However, multilateral cooperation has been facing dramatic headwinds before and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The G20 could play a key role in revitalizing multilateral cooperation, by pushing for new ways and means to deal with global challenges. In this context, the authors explore four key areas which would require fresh global coordination: global trade, digitalization, demographic patterns and circular economy.

Anno: 2021
Pagine: 204
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
Peso Kg:
Colore: Quadricromia
Copertina: Morbida
Legatura: Brossura
Lingua: Inglese
ISBN: 9788833655499

Global governance at a turning point
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