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Ad hoc urban sprawl in the mediterranean city


Urban Sprawl is amongst the most debated and argued topics in the fields of Urbanism, Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Economics, Geography, and Sociology. As Urban Sprawl involves different subjects of study, the phenomenon is extremely fascinating on one side, but very complex and difficult to analyse on the other. For these reasons, Urban Sprawl has and is attracting the interest of many researchers from all over the world, having the objective to define the nature, dynamics and consequences that the phenomenon of low-density urban expansion is having on the natural and social environment.
The aim of this book is to provide a detailed picture on the nature of the phenomenon, on its dynamics and effects on social and natural systems. More specifically, the analysis of Urban Sprawl will be focused on the Mediterranean region, with the objective of providing a clear description of the sprawl process in Southern European cities. In order to pursue this objective, the research considers four narrative case-studies of Barcelona, Istanbul, Naples and Rome, and a detailed quantitative analysis of Athens.

Vittorio Gargiulo Morelli
B.Sc. Environmental Engineering, graduate student at the University of Delft

Luca Salvati
M.Sc. Ecology, M.A. Statistics and Economics,
Researcher, Italian Council of Agricultural Research

Alberto Sabbi
M.Sc. Statistics
Research Assistant, Italian National Institute of Statistics

Marco Zitti
M.Sc. Economics,
Research Fellow, Italian Council of Agricultural Research

Michele Munafò
M.Sc. Engineering, Ph.D. Urban Studies
Contract Professor of Regional Planning, ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome


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