Rivista J-Reading n. 2-2020

Journal of research and didactics in geography

Autore/i: Gino De Vecchis


In questo numero:

Riccardo Morri, A Question of Geography Literacy: Geographical Studies on Covid Sars 2 and Lifelong Education

Thematic issue. A geographical and crosscutting look at the COVID-19 pandemic in an international framework

Edited by Cristiano Pesaresi

Cristiano Pesaresi, A geographical and crosscutting look at the COVID-19 pandemic in an international framework. Introduction

Joop van der Schee, Thinking through geography in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

Chew-Hung Chang, Teaching and Learning Geography in pandemic and post-pandemic


Gino De Vecchis, Geography for environment and health in the time of COVID-19

Estella Geraghty, Joseph Kerski, The Impact of COVID-19 on Geography, GIS, and Education

Antonio Angeloni, Antonella Farina, Cristiano Ialongo, Patrizia Mancini, Emanuela Anastasi, Monitoring the infection of SARS-CoV-2 and the development of diagnostic tools

Stefania Cerutti, Stefano de Falco, The “low tide” of tourist flows in the COVID-19 era. Insights into the economic and social shades of the ongoing phenomenon

Antonella Primi, Cristina Marchioro, Time-geography approach during the COVID-19 emergency in Italy: a constraints study at national and local level

MAPPING SOCIETIES (Edited by Edoardo Boria and Tania Rossetto)

Shinobu Komeie, The Cartographic Heritage of Tokyo: The Representation of Urban Landscapes on Maps from the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries

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ISBN cartaceo: 9788833653617
Colore: Quadricromia
Data di pubblicazione: 26 Marzo 2021

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