Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences – Vol. XI, Special Issue – 2019

Autore/i: Salvatore Milli



This special issue of the Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences on the geology and sedimentology of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin represents the second part of what was published in this same journal in 2014, and the result of the long work (over twenty years) that Guido Ghibaudo dedicated to the study of this complex sedimentary basin.
Guido passed away in January of this year and the monograph presented here constitutes his last research work, for which he spent himself with genuine passion until the end of his days.
The project conceived in 2013, today reaches its fulfilment without its author being able to enjoy the gratification of the final result.
I’m convinced that if Guido were still with us, he would be very satisfied. Personally, I’m proud to have contributed with the JMES, to make known the enormous and incomparable work that Guido conducted over the years on the Tertiary Piedmont Basin.
This, dear Guido, wants to be a thank for your contribution to the Italian geological research, and a reason for those like me who have known and deeply esteemed you, so as not to forget you. 

Salvatore Milli
Editor-in-chief JMES 

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Data di pubblicazione: 20 Aprile 2021

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