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Our mission

MissionOur publishing house wants to be reconfirmed in the university sector, but it can only do that transforming radically the roles of the production chain that includes among its actants the University Institute, the publisher and the end user.

The acquisition so far described of any technological innovation, the digital one, not only for press related issues, but specifically for new products such as E-Book and Electronic Reviews, as well as connectivity, network usage and the approach to the new 4G technology, the study and research of the best media to allow transition of contents, making Nuova Cultura a technological infrastructure to serve the University.

If this is the new role of the editor, the core of our argument remains anchored to the concepts of evaluation and merit that for several years are at the center of discussions of all the constituent bodies of the university and publishing (CUN, ANVUR, AIE …).

It is clear from the words of CUN a few years ago, that:

In a given discipline research protocols and exposure of the results shall be determined solely from the consent of the community of those who practice the discipline itself.

It follows that the University as a producer and evaluator of the search or content is usually the editor who only need to be supported by an efficient technology infrastructure. Therefore, our attention is directed to the formation of individual University Press who find the ability to create a national network.