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HomeNuova Cultura is a publisher specializing in university publications; from its beginnings the publisher has worked closely with teachers, researchers and students in order to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

For some years the press has started a project based on the use of new technologies, through which universities, faculties, departments (as well as individual research groups) are able to systematize and streamline production, according to the latest laws took dall’ANVUR.

The target set, but already largely achieved, is to provide the maximum visibility to the national and international scientific community, cherishing, in the publication of each volume, particularly interesting for quality standards and following the scientific evaluation criteria suggested by the competent bodies.

Based on these premises, the press Nuova Cultura provides services that allow a real evolution of the classic scientific publication, making full use of all the technological resources, closely related to the printing process or to the product distribution in a large scale.

Nuova Cultura, , in addition to the canonical Editorial Services , offers to its customers the opportunity to insert the manuscripts in a specific Scientific Series, to produce (even from a word file) a real E-book and to develop a Scientific Review electronic based to meet the needs of the Peer Review.

Furthermore, our press, thanks to its private e-commerce is able to put in the product distribution in the fastest times; in times equally fast is able to send all the volumes in every part of Italy and the world.