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Scientific series

Collane_scientIn this perspective, the process of creating a scientific book series, implemented a few years ago from Nuova Cultura, needs to follow certain steps.

Our Editorial Advisor offers to teachers the production of Scientific Series, in which the scientific group promoter (department, faculty or inter-group) becomes self-publisher, ensuring, through methods and pre-established criteria of scientific validation based on the Peer Review, the seriousness and appropriateness of cultural production. The teacher will have the possibility to see fulfilled, for his publications, those requirements provided from the recent Ministerial ANVUR provisions, in relation to the assessment of scientific qualifications to be included in the national registry office of the recent constitution.

The research team, in constant dialogue with an editorial advisor of Nuova Cultura, comes to define:

  • The scientific director of the series: generally a teacher of the first band;
  • The members of the Scientific Committee:: the Committee’s composition should ensure maximum transparency and guarantee of neutrality from the point of view of the various institutions represented. Must then necessarily have a geographical horizon (possibly international) and a quantitative dimension such as to remove any suspicion of self identification by small groups of self;
  • The process of peer-review of texts competitors for the publication in the series: in particular, needs to be clarified the assignment of the individual texts to the referee, the content criteria for acceptability of the texts, the timing of review and any subsequent amendments;
  • The editorial policies of the series, which should include the scope and objectives of the joint research;
  • Any editorial guidelines: the Scientific Committee may establish, if it deems it is necessary, some formal parameters/method to be applied in the research to be published. Determinations related to the “project series” are inserted into a document, Proposal for Publication Series, which is the basis for subsequent editorial process. The evaluation for the purpose of the publication is managed by the Scientific Director of the series, as described in the Proposal series;
  • Assignment of the text to the referee by the Scientific Committee;
  • Evaluation of the referee on the basis of the criteria stated in the Referee Form for Volumes;
  • Any suggested changes by the referee;
  • Sending the changes and final approval.. The process of refereeing is done according to criteria and methods established by the Committee, the mana-gement is the sole responsibility and autonomy, and external to the editorial proc-ess of the Nuova Cultura.

To print volumes (including those in the series) Nuova Cultura make use of the latest technology, the Print on Demand. The “print on demand” is undoubtedly the best solution for the academic world. The real innovation is about quality: nowadays is really hard for a “layperson”, to understand if a book is printed on demand or through more traditional printing techniques. This type of digital production has a very negligible cost and it allows to print in very small runs. You can also ask for only the necessary copies for the legal deposit, for the spread between colleagues in the department and for those to whom you want to communicate research.

To request a quote for the creation of a new Scientific Series or the publication of a book in series, please send an email to our sales department via this FORM and you will be contacted in a short time.