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Nuova Cultura offers a wide range of publishing services that are guaranteed in any publication at our publishing house, whether it be a single volume, a volume in series, a printed journal, an electronic journal or an E-book.

  • Dual attribution ISBN codes (International Standard Book Number) to the Print Edition and e-books;
  • Attribution ISSN code (International Standard Serial Number);
  • Attribution DOI code to all the monographs and, in the case of Journals or Miscellanies, individual articles or contributions. The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a standard that identifies persistently, within a digital network, any object of intellectual property and associate its reference data -metadata- in a structured and extensible scheme. The service is offered by mEDRA (European Agency of DOI registration);
  • Compilation of the cataloguing data according to the national and international standards (ISBD, Dewey Decimal Classification ed. 22, New index of subjects) with semantic indexing;
  • Production of E-books in different format: epub and mobi (Kindle);
  • Legal deposit at statutory bodies;
  • Cataloging on “Google Books”;
  • Launch news service for teachers (SSD) on CINECA;
  • Launch news service for libraries using the Linklibri database:;
  • Telematic order of the entire catalog to over 1100 libraries within the national territory, through the “Arianna plus” service of editorial Information:,;
  • Marketing through the major web portals at which Nuova Cultura is accredited (IBS, Libreriaunivesritaria, Wuz, Biblet store, kindle store, lafeltrinelli, BOL, DEAstore, etc).