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EbookNuova Cultura, as a university publisher (and industry), wanted to fully exploit the potential of the E-Book product to set up a revolution in the educational range and a dissemination of the scientific knowledge.

The E-book, in fact, distorts significantly the idea of studying and research to improve the standards of quality and timing; it adds to the smoothness and the pleasure of reading the paper product the values of hypertext†, multimedia and interactivity.

It can develop these characteristics through:

  • Customizable and liquid layout (suitable for hardware support of various sizes);
  • External Hyperlinks;
  • Images/schemes/videos within the volume;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Notes in connection to Bookmarks;
  • Internal research.

Nuova Cultura, through the use of professional software of layout, programming and graphic design, produces E-book validated through EpubCheck (validation tool developed by Google) with extension epub and mobi (Kindle format), readable by all hardware on the market as:

  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Handhelds
  • E-Reader
  • Best Smartphones

Our E-Books can be protected by DRM, created by Adobe server (Adobe Content Server 4), for the management of the rights. The E-book DRM can easily be read by the free software available from Adobe (Adobe Digital Edition).

The interest of Nuova Cultura for the digital world is supported by the strong conviction that the so-called digitalization programs (already largely in place in the library sector) can change the fate of the University and especially the world of the scientific research, in an era when “the product par excellence” is the culture and knowledge.

To request a quote for the development of an E-book, please send an email to our sales department via this FORM and you will be contacted in a short time.