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DistribuzioneThe editorial contents, whether monographs, articles, entire journals… although structurally different from any other commercial product, must be disclosed in the most appropriate and efficient way as possible. In this meaning, Nuova Cultura looks at more innovative ways, such as Web Marketing and it tries to “tread the method of” adjusting it to the sector.

Indeed, the purposes of canon marketing risk to lose their effectiveness in the so-called web 2.0 era, where everything is revolved and manipulated in accordance with the dynamic principle principle between companies and end users. Therefore, the consumer, thanks to the new media (blogs, social networks, forums etc..), has more say in: stands out as direct contact with the company and he is particularly severe in judging its policy and its transparency.

With the entry into the range of the Digital Reputation Management is also able to investigate online about the business reputation in order to have a more complete view on their own profits and losses.

A company like Nuova Cultura, which has decided to fully invest in these new dynamics, focuses the online distribution of its products through marketing by its major web portals circuit library (IBS, Libreriaunivesritaria, Wuz, Biblet store, kindle store, lafeltrinelli, bol, DEAstore…), indexing on search engines for scientific feature (Scopus, ISI …), cataloging of “Google Books”, registration of DOIs through the system mEDRA…

In addition, it pays particular attention to the distribution and to the relationship B2C (Business to Consumer) through its web platform ( and all the spaces in Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and more).

The company website is the fixed point in the distribution of Nuova Cultura thanks to an E-Commerce system that allows an automatic management of purchasing and shipping even to other continents.

In addition, each volume in our catalog will have a page in which are implemented metadata, detailed descriptions of the product (Author, series, back cover, ISBN code, pages, weight, price …) and a direct connection to cataloging “Google Books” where it’ll be possible to read the selected pages.

All these resources made available by Nuova Cultura not only allow for an easier indexing of the product in the classical and scientific search engines, but they also allow a real competitive position at no cost.