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HomeNuova Cultura provides fast and cheap methods to publish your manuscripts in both paper and digital.

For the printing of volumes (also in Scientific Series) we use the Print on Demand: a technology by which you can also print a single volume at a time; this procedure, now considered of equal quality to the classical press in typography, combines affordability and convenience for printing small quantities.

Our publication system provides the following advantages:

  • It does not require any financial investment to the teacher.
  • No more problems of circulation: it pays to copy and reprint at will.
  • No cost of distribution and storage.
  • You can update file and make corrections at any time, even after the release of the first copies.
  • Every edition, even one copy, has a regular ISBN code.

Nuova Cultura has also largely focused on the idea of digitization. Particular attention is given to all our electronic products such as Electronic Reviews and E-Book.

The Electronic Reviews rely on a platform (OJS) that will allow users, which are part of the various committees (Scientific, Editorial, Audit), an easier management but at the same time they can still perform their cases.

Our E-book, instead, are produced in epub and mobi extension, validated according to the  EpubCheck of Google and Amazon Kindle, with diversified protections according to the usability of the product. Thanks to our on-line trading platforms, our E-Book for teaching are all protected by Adobe DRM: this technology allows to reduce to a minimum the “piracy” and to protect the copyrights.

To publish with us and to request an initial quote, please send an email to our sales department via this FORM and you will be contacted in a short time.

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