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Rivista "J-Reading"

Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography

Editor in Chief:

Gino De Vecchis (Italy)

Associate Editors:

Cristiano Giorda (Italy)
Cristiano Pesaresi (Italy)
Joseph P. Stoltman (USA)
Sirpa Tani (Finland)

Scientific Committee:

Eyüp Artvinli (Turkey)
Caterina Barilaro (Italy)
Giuliano Bellezza (Italy)
Tine Béneker (Netherlands)
Andrea Bissanti (Italy)
Gabriel Bladh (Sweden)
Carlo Blasi (Italy)
Laura Cassi (Italy)
Raffaele Cattedra (Italy)
Claudio Cerreti (Italy)
Giorgio Chiosso (Italy)
Sergio Conti (Italy)
Egidio Dansero (Italy)
Martin R. Degg (UK)
Giuseppe Dematteis (Italy)
Karl Donert (UK)
Pierpaolo Faggi (Italy)
Franco Farinelli (Italy)
Maurizio Fea (Italy)
Maria Fiori (Italy)
Hartwig Haubrich (Germany)
Vladimir Kolosov (Russian Federation),
John Lidstone (Australia)
Svetlana Malkhazova (Russian Federation)
Jerry Mitchell (USA)
Josè Enrique Novoa-Jerez (Chile)
Daniela Pasquinelli d’Allegra (Italy)
Petros Petsimeris (France)
Bruno Ratti (Italy)
Roberto Scandone (Italy)
Giuseppe Scanu (Italy)
Lidia Scarpelli (Italy)
Rana P.B. Singh (India)
Claudio Smiraglia (Italy)
Michael Solem (USA)
Hiroshi Tanabe (Japan)
Angelo Turco (Italy)
Joop van der Schee (Netherlands)
Isa Varraso (Italy)
Bruno Vecchio (Italy)
Tanga Pierre Zoungrana (Burkina Faso)
Secretary of coordination:
Marco Maggioli (Italy)
Massimiliano Tabusi (Italy)

Editorial Board:

Riccardo Morri (Chief)
Sandra Leonardi (Assistant Chief)
Miriam Marta (Assistant Chief)
Victoria Bailes
Daniela De Vecchis
Assunta Giglio
Daniele Ietri
Matteo Puttilli

J-Reading ( was born with a basic aim: to highlight and valorise, with a scientific contribution at international level, the relationship existing in geography between research and didactics, strategic for the development of the subject.

The two terms are not antithetical and do not regard definite contexts, but complement each other and combine together for a solid cultural education able to accommodate both educational-formative and analytical-interpretative needs.

PRINT ISSN: 2281-4310 ONLINE ISSN: 2281-5694

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