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Education for Health and Care

di Silvia Zanazzi


This book is written for nursing students in their first years of training. After an overview of the Italian health care system and an analysis of the challenges it faces in an aging society and in a global world, the text presents theoretical reflections on the role of education in the health care professions, which demand continuous attention not only to their technical and scientific aspects, but also to the quality of interpersonal communication and to the creation of effective helping relationships.

Silvia Zanazzi is a Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Education at Sapienza University of Rome. She has extensive experience in research and teaching of both Italian and international students. Since 2011, she has taught education courses to medicine and nursing students. She is author of several publications about adult education, experiential and lifelong learning, intercultural education, and inclusive education.


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Anno di edizione2019
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